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Diligent 24-hour monitoring, and consistent customer service.

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Peace of mind with affordable, custom designed alarm systems.

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We have years of experience in all brands of alarm systems. We can monitor, repair, reprogram, and upgrade your existing system.

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Call Colorado Springs Alarm today at 719-634-4204 for all you alarm and monitoring needs.

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  • Mom is at home, busy with the little ones.
  • Teens are fending for themselves after school.
  • Pets are home alone living their secret lives during the day.
  • The whole family is away on a long-awaited and hard-earned vacation.
  • Your business or warehouse is buttoned up securely for the evening—or is it?

These are everyday situations you face in life. Unfortunately, each one presents an opportunity for loss or harm. We invite you to call Colorado Springs Alarm at http://ahra-architecture.org/?m=payday-loans-mansfield-tx 719-634-4204. We can offer you both Colorado Springs home security, home automation and peace of mind in every one of these situations—for a price that will surprise you.

Our specialty is Alarm Monitoring.

Once thought of as a luxury for the wealthy, technology and competition have brought high quality digital and wireless alarm systems into the budget of almost every homeowner. How affordable is Colorado Springs home security and peace of mind? Our digital systems begin at $69 plus less than $1.15 a day ($35 per month with only a three-year contract) for full-time, 24-hour monitoring!

A Decade of Quality Service

Colorado Springs Alarm wants to help you protect your home and loved ones from the threat of theft with our burglar alarm monitoring services. We specialize in 24-hour alarm monitoring for every popular brand of alarm system, using every available form of technology, including the internet, cellular, and telephone systems. With years of experience working with all brands of alarm systems, we offer all our customers comprehensive, one stop service. We can monitor, repair, reprogram, and upgrade your existing Colorado Springs home security system, and we also sell, install, and monitor alarm systems from virtually every current manufacturer. Rest assured, we can design your system to address all your needs, desires, and budget.

Why should you have a burglar alarm monitoring service in your home? The simple answer can be stated in just three words; peace of mind. Every day, we are all faced with situations that could potentially result in harm to our loved ones, including children, elderly parents, and pets here in Colorado Springs. Home security systems were once thought of as a luxury available only for the wealthy. Today, technology and competition have brought high quality digital and wireless alarm systems into the budget of almost every homeowner. Although you cannot put a price on peace of mind, Colorado Springs home security is affordable and within reach of most households, bringing safety and confidence to homeowners all across the city. Our digital burglar alarm monitoring systems begin at just $69 ($35 per month with only a three-year contract) for full-time, 24-hour monitoring. Burglar alarm monitoring is not just for homeowners; our systems can also be customized to protect your business assets all year round.

The power behind Colorado Springs Alarm, Roger Patterson, has a lifetime of experience taking care of people. Highly skilled in alarm monitoring systems for both homes and businesses, and possessing an extensive background in real estate and home building, Roger understands strength and security from the ground up, literally. Roger has built his trusted team of Colorado Springs home security alarm system professionals into a fine tuned, customer centric group of individuals who not only understand what they do, but also understand who they do it for like no one else.

Check out what just one of our many satisfied customers had to say about Colorado Springs Alarm:

“It was … professionalism, patience, insight, and willingness to answer questions that won the contract. All in all, the start up of our relationship with Colorado Springs Alarm has been smooth and relatively low stress - a refreshing bonus in a process that can involve turmoil.”

With hundreds of satisfied customers and over decades of experience, we understand what people want and need in a Colorado Springs home security system. At Colorado Springs Alarm, our team of dedicated professionals offer the specialized skills and top quality customer service you need, want, and deserve. Contact us today via email at coloradospringsalarm@gmail.com for more information, or give us a call at 719-634-4204, and let us design the perfect security system for your home or business.